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Individuality is Beauty – Socially Engaged Art Project by Gayle Clearwater
A collaboration between artist, participant & audience: Giving marginalised communities a voice. 
  • As the artist is a practicing socially engaged art.  This project is constructed of multi-layered participatory structure that used practice-based research as the methodology.

  • This project allows participants from within our community who feel marginalised a voice. 

  • Discrimination and marginalisation are an ongoing issue as social media platforms and tabloids run 24 hours and promote what is the accepted “norm” and the effect this has on vulnerable communities.

  • The research process is documented, and the final findings will be available on my blog in addition to being displayed at an end of year in the form of an exegesis and exhibition. 

  • This will be of written and visual works.

  • The aesthetics are based on contemporary artworks creating a juxtaposition with diverse media and is determined by each participant and is a collaboration between the artist and the participant.

  • The outcome is to create art that evokes empathy and positive awareness of everyday people experience everyday marginalisation and to celebrate individuality as being beautiful and an impact on the spectator.

  • I want to use art to break down barriers and forge human understanding.  Everyone is fighting a battle we cannot always see.  So be kind!


This project will continue after I finish my study.  As I want to help people find their voices and if the process of art and documentation of storytelling can have a cathartic effective for everyone involved and create empathy, well this is my drive as an artist.   

If you are interested in being part of this ongoing project, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Gayle Clearwater Phone 027 8787729

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